Recently received: new items  featuring the work of Swedish artist Carl Larsson.
Back Row:            2011 Wall Calendar $13.99, Coloring Book $7.95, Jigsaw Puzzle $17.95
Front Row:                        Note card Folio $9.95, Box of Note cards $14.95,
                                              Postcard Book $9.95, Address Book $19.95



Glogg-a Swedish drink to mix with apple cider, wine or Vodka to be heated. Anna's ginger thins or Pepparkakor, and Lingonberries-a favorite slightly tart very popular.  Also, Leksands,a Swedish Crispbread.





Danish paper-cut,  fold-out mobiles,  are cheerful and colorful gifts to add color to small spaces.  They can be hung in windows or from ceilings.  The daffodil mobile is  6x51/2,  the red tulip is 5 1/4x41/2" and the Sunflower mobile is  5 1/2x5."  They cost  $8.95 each.  Ideas for patients in hospitals or nursing homes.



Danish paper cut mobiles.  The cat mobiles  are 7"X6" and they cost  $9.95.  The Tulip fold-out mobiles are 8 1/2"X6".  They cost  $8.50.




Lovely, colorful woven Swedish table runners.  They are
easy to care for-put in washer and lightly iron if necessary
36" for  $16.95.




Oval trays by Mona Svard, well known Swedish artist, 14"x9"  $35.00




Assorted Dala Horses from Sweden.  We have a limited supply of our Dala Horses.



Latte mugs  with Dala Horses and humorous mugs for Swedish people.



Award winning Ballograph pens, made in Sweden, come with a life-time guarantee. They  offer an exceptionally smooth writing experience because of their design. The balls in the ballpoint pens are shaped like golf balls and therefore write more smoothly.   Cartridge Refills in stock $2.50.
Pens are pictured  from left to right:
Plastic barrels: $6.50
Plastic barrels  w/ gold trim: $8.95
Pocket pens: $9.95
Rondo  pens: $12.50
Rubber grip pens: $12.50
GOld finish pen: $18.50
Gift boxes: $2.10.



Humorous T-shirts 

"May the Norse be with you" and "Viking Tour"  $18.95 and sizes XXL and larger are $20.95.  These shirts are pre-shrunk.

Best Sellers !!!!!!!!!!



"Eric's Red Ale" T-shirt.
Screen printed design on heather indigo 50% cotton 50% polyester.   Available in sizes S-XL: $20.95  XXL and XXXL: $22.95
Not all sizes in stock, can special order, may take a little time.








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