Woodland Sunbeams tinted nightlight on stand $54.00  
a bestseller.



                         Lithophane Shadow Boxes


These are new Shadow Boxes with Lithophane plates.  This electrically illuminated frame's uncluttered style is a good match for today's decorating styles. Made of solid hardwood with a dark Cherry finish, the Shadow Box is a versatile piece. It can stand up straight or lean back on an easel. It will look great on a mantle, desk, or nightstand.  Complete with 7W bulb, 6ft. cord with on/off switch. The dimensions are 6x 5 x and 2 D. Prices: $39.00 for sepia tone and $43.00 for tinted.



Catch a Falling Star lighophane nightlight by David Delamare $26.00.


Small guardian angel lithophane nightlight  3.5x2.5" $22.00.
   A best seller.


Lithophane nightlights :
Man in the moon, Songbird, and Bougereau's Song of Angels. Their dimensions are 4.75" by 3.50". Prices are  $26.00 each. 


Silhouette Nightlight Venice  3"x11/2"  $26.00.


Vermont silhouette votive 41/2x61/2"  $32.00.

























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