Small dolphin stabile 7.5"  $11.50 balancing dolphins uses a magnet and a 9V battery to operate


Cosmos stabile 9 1/4 "   to and fro action activated by 
9V battery and magnets-a bestseller.


Newton's Cradle is an old fashioned favorite. The balls strike each other from side to side in synchronized motion. 


We have several sizes in stock- 4.4" is $6.50, 5.3" in metal is $9.50,  5.4" on the wooden base is  $15.00.


Some of our best sellers  !!!!!   



These Magnetic Sculptures are some of our best sellers. The metallic pieces connect magnetically allowing for an infinite number of sculptures. Great for young people and guys of all ages. Styles shown are: Celestial, Nuts (as in nuts & bolts). Dolphins and Acrobats. Each comes with a 4"x3"plastic oval base. They cost $6.50 each.




Our T-shaped kaleidoscopes are so popular because looking through the eyepiece gives you a personal fireworks display - but without  the loud noise. Just turn the wand and enjoy the show. Our kaleidoscopes come in two sizes: 9" with an 11 1/2" wand, priced at $17.00 and a 5 1/4" with a 5 1/4" wand, priced at $11.00. They are available in green, blue and purple.





















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