Easter Chocolate from Germany & Sweden


Reigelein Fondant Eggs- 30˘ each, $2.95 for package of 10

Reigelein chocolate eggs covered with foil 35˘ each

Reigelein mini bunnies wrapped in gold foil 35 ˘ each

Gut Springenheiden – Real Eggshells with Chocolate Truffles (Sorry-sold out)

Friedel’s hollow chocolate bunny covered in blue foil with lentils  $4.45

Dala Horse shaped milk & dark chocolates: 75˘ ea. Box of 10 for $7.30.




  • Dover Easter books

  • glitter stickers and Spot the differences 

  • 4x 5.75"  $1.50 each.




    Paper mache eggs containers  from Germany-7x4"
    by Susan Wheeler. $6.85.




    Porcelain Russian bunnies  1x2" 
       $10.95 each.
    A customer  favorite.




    Russian nested bunny and roosters. Each piece is hand-painted.

    The large rabbit and rooster are 4” tall and the smaller rooster is 3”.

    The 5 piece rooster costs $57.00 and the rabbit is $31.00.

    The 4 piece realistic rooster with chicks is $37.00.




    Old Fashioned Easter Picture Story Books for baskets, and mailing.
    Six stories in die cut books featuring a chick, a rooster, a duck &
    three different bunnies. The books are 6” tall and are $2.65 each.









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