Advent Calendars Pictured

Santa’s Toy Shop with Chocolate $5.95

 Peaceful Nativity with manger scene $3.95

Silent Night (round) Advent Calendar $10.25

 Holy Family Jumbo (round) $10.25

 Global Christmas $3.95


Advent calendars provide a count  down to Christmas. Each
day during Advent a small window is opened until Christmas. Children love opening the little windows. Advent officially begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. We carry religious and secular advent calendars. The religious
calendars have Bible verses.



 20 cards per box, prices $9.95 to $22.95. 




Holiday Gift Ideas !!!!  Price range of these earrings is $12.50 to $16.50.





Swedish Holiday Ideas


Some of these items pictured are for St. Lucia Day, December 13th.  The oldest girl in the family wears a lighted Lucia crown; traditionally she brings cookies, buns and coffee  to the whole family. She is often accompanied by an attendant who carries a candle-as pictured..


Also pictured are delicious Dala Horses in dark and light chocolate (yummy.) These are sold individually or by the box.


New this year – Swedish jelly Dala Horses with  several flavors in each package.


The well-know Swedish stars are made from white or red strips of paper - a prepackaged.



Glogg, Lingonberries, Carl Larsson Collectible Cookie Tins with the "Wish Cookie Story", and Leksands-a brown crispbread.

These are all traditional Scandinavian festive foods. We also have Lefse in our freezer at work-



Lefse is a traditional Scandinavian flat bread made from potatoes. It resembles a burrito but it has a potato flavor. At holiday time, it is usually served with butter and sugar as a wrap. Year round, it is also served as a sandwich.


The lefse that we are carrying is fresh and frozen and needs to be put in the microwave for a brief period of time. It can be stored in freezer for months, and one week in refrigerator.




Russian Nested Dolls

A matryoshka doll, or babushka doll is a Russian nesting doll which is a set of dolls of decreasing in size -one inside the other. These dolls are made of wood from lime, balsa, alder, aspen, and birch trees. These woods share softness, light weight, and fine grain.

These are really wonderful toys for children over four. They are also for seriouscollectors and many are exquisitely designed. We can also special order designsthat we don’t have in stock.


Pictured above, from left to right are: tigers, hand-carved Santa, traditional 6 piece doll, penguins, Khokloma doll, nested Christmas tree with Santa and snowman , Merlin and the Dragon.

We have many more styles in stock.

Price range of group pictured is : $16.00 to $41.00.





Herr Drosselmeir and Mouse King  nutcrackers both 7" tall and both priced at $80.25 each. These are small, but the detail and the quality are excellent-a real collectible.




Santa smokers from Germany.  Sizes are from 3" to 14".  Prices range from $13.00 to $80.00.




Newly arrived Nutcrackers-11" to 15".  These are definitely collectibles-sorry about the devaluation of the dollar !!  $75-$125.









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